30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

By the 30th anniversary «Sovtest ATE» have come up enriched by the experience of working in rough conditions. We have held ones ground and even have built up and increased production possibilities from zero taking actions under the conditions of sanctions and pandemic. Aslo we will continue expand our scope of activities!

Good reputation of our partners is the best evidence of the high quality of «Sovtest ATE» products and services.

Mr. Igor Markov, General Director Sovtest ATE

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Sovtest all the best on its great 30th anniversary. We have had a successful partnership for almost 20 years. Sovtest sells and repairs JUKI SMT products exclusively in Russia and Belarus.

During this time, Sovtest has continued to develop with its innovative strength, has successfully and continuously expanded our market shares and has ensured customer satisfaction. We admire the vision and professionalism with which Sovtest went ahead.

The establishment of your own production with several JUKI SMT production lines also served to successfully convince new customers of JUKI systems. It also demonstrates exceptional experience in the electronics industry, in which Sovtest has a special position.

We thank our partner Sovtest very much for all your continued help and look forward to a long and successful cooperation.

- JUKI Automation Systems GmbH
Hiroaki Yamazaki

The whole Seica Group is happy to celebrate the 30 years anniversary of one of its historical and greatest partner: Sovtest ATE. The cooperation between Seica and Sovtest which started 20 years ago goes beyond the simple business relationship and it's based on the common values of friendship, loyalty and trust.

Seica truly wish to continue on its road of innovation along with Sovtest ATE in order to keep bringing expertise and competence in the field of test equipments at the service of our Customers in the Russian Federation.

Alessandro Beiletti
International Sales manager

Congratulations of 30 years anniversary of Sovest!

Back to year 2012, it’s the first time 1CLICKSMT started business with Sovest. This partnership last till today and it will go ahead for future. During our years communication & dealing with Sovest team, we trust this is a technical & service driven company. They are very professional & full passion at what they are doing ,customer is also No.1 . These characters are not popular in today world as most company/person are looking for quick success. We are proud to have a partner like Sovest.

In this special moment, we wish Sovest keep growing healthy and we wish we have honour to congratulate Sovest in another 30 years later!

- 1Clicksmt Ltd
Amy Peng
Sales Coordinator

We congratulate our loyal and valuable business partner Sovtest ATE for their long term success and take this chance to thank them once again for their valuable cooperation, supportive approach, and appreciate their hard work. We will keep growing together with you as we did for many years and wish you longer years of success. Looking forward to work with you and extend our business for many more years.

- Hatko Electronics
Fahir Han
Managing Director

Dear Mr Markov

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all at Sovtest ATE my sincere congratulations on your achievement of 30 years trading.

We at Test Equipment Technology are proud to have had a happy and enduring Partnership with Sovtest ATE for over 17 years.

During this time we have seen your exceptional growth built on strong and solid foundations. In this period, we have together witnessed amazing advances in technology and engineering, and it is a great credit to you that you have managed to seamlessly adapt to these rapid changes and expand your Company in a very dynamic market.

You have recruited the finest Engineers, Marketing and support staff to ensure a first class service to your Customers and Trading Partners alike.

It has been a great privilege to have been associated with you and we look forward to an ever demanding and exciting future working with you.

Once again, our heartiest congratulations on this great achievement.

- Test Equipment Technology Ltd
Paul Norrington
Managing Director

Congratulations to Sovtest ATE as it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Over the past eight years, we have partnered with Sovtest to supply many Manix lead forming systems throughout Russia. Sovtest has been a reliable and valued partner.

Further, Sovtest continues to represent Manix products in a very professional and productive manner. We communicate very well on a regular basis and appreciate Sovtest’s continued sales, service and support efforts.

We look forward to a continued prosperous working relationship with Sovtest for many years to come.

- MANIX Manufacturing Inc
Mr. Ira S. Schafer
Sales Engineer

First of all we would like to congratulate you on your 30th anniversary. For us it is no surprise that you make it to this beautiful anniversary, considering the very professional way you approach the business.

We like to take this opportunity to thank the whole team for the great collaborative relationship we have built together in the past. You all understand the importance of customer satisfaction and you do more than required to ensure customer retention. Handling difficult situations are also no problem for you. It is a great pleasure to work with professionals like you!

Thanks again, you have a terrific team and we are looking forward to many more years of outstanding cooperating.

- Exmore NV
Lize Geunes
Sales assistant

Sovtest can have 30th Anniversary already, this is a very celebration thing for you.

For more than 15 years relationship with Sovtest, Eunil has been happy.

Between us, as you know, there has many records of communicating for ordering & service & inquiry & question and so on. Even there must have a problem during the time being, we can solve softly and quickly with quick reply with kindness. I think this is because Sovtest engineer and Eunil engineer are well matched on the business relationship. We are always thank you about this and maintain more longer relationship each other.

I will pray and I am sure Sovtest can give us many work further 30 years and further more years between passed during 30 years with good business in Russia and all over the world.

As like life is starting from 30 years in Korea with cheering, Sovtest can start new business and success with the new mind and your history being.


- Eunil Co. Ltd

Dear business partner,

For your 30th birthday we wish you all the best and thank you for the good business relationship over many years.

We look forward to many more years of good cooperation.

- R. Rittmeyer GmbH
Renate Rittmeyer-Müller

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our long-standing business partner Sovtest, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the trust and support that has been shown to us.

For many years Sovtest has been distributing our products and has enabled us to enter the Russian market of cable assembly. We are confident about the future and look forward to many more years of this successful business relationship.

- GLW GmbH
Florian Geier
Managing Director

Cari amici,

Il vostro trentesimo anniversario rappresenta un importante e prestigioso traguardo che desideriamo celebrare assieme a voi.

È un traguardo che testimonia la vostra efficienza e lungimiranza in un settore che premia solo chi riesce ad evolvere in tempi rapidi e a mantenere altissimi standard qualitativi.

Il proficuo, trasparente e saldo rapporto che ci unisce da molti anni ci permette di certificare che il vostro meritato successo è frutto del lavoro e della dedizione che avete dedicato, con impegno e continuità, alla soddisfazione dei clienti e alla promozione dell’elettronica, favorendo così la crescita della vostra azienda.

Nel nostro settore l’oggi è già il futuro e siamo certi che il vostro bagaglio di esperienze e l’energia del rinnovamento che vi contraddistingue renderà brillante il vostro percorso ancora per moltissimi “anniversari” che celebreremo insieme, come in questa occasione, con immutato entusiasmo.

- TWS Automation
Srl staff

In behalf of all MicroCraft staff, I would like to congratulate all of the wonderful Sovtest staffs for this historical 30th year anniversary of Sovtest ATE. When I first visited Sovtest, I recall it was still in a small operating office with a big aquarium, but now the companyhas grown into the size as large as 8,800m2 facility.

“30 years in business” is easy to say, but when considering the recession during late 1990s, global financial crisis in 2008, and recent pandemic started from 2019, it is no simple task for a company to survive and grow during this arduous time. Although not fully visiblein the eyes, we can only imagine the amount of hard work and endeavor that was put forth throughout these years to foster and achieve such a growth.

Here in Japan we have an old proverb “business is like having a meal with very long chopsticks.” When chopsticks are too long it is hard to bring the food to your own mouth, but if you work with partner and carry food to each other’s mouths, then eating become simpler and much more pleasant experience. Relationship described in this proverb could be applied to relationships such as between distributor and end user, or distributor and manufacturer.

Japanese believe in caring for others and paying respect is the most important basis of business relationships.

Speaking of the food, I remember the great meal Mr. Igor prepared for me when I visited Sovtest in Russia. He gratefully prepared the course meal with fish, considering it would be soothing for Japanese person like myself. Not only the meal was delicious, I also recall going to sauna and swimming in the nearby river at Mr. Igor’s vacation house as my fond memories.

Sovtest has wonderful and some of the choicest next generation successors. MicroCraft is also has wonderful growing next succeeding staffs whom I am so proud of. I have no doubt and do firmly believe that MicroCraft and Sovtest will continue to grow together as strong business partners in next 30 years, 50 years, and even more generations to come.

Lastly I pray that this 30th year commemoration will be an occasion for Sovtest to cultivate even greater growth, and with this I would like to end my tribute to celebrate this wonderful event.


- MicroCraft K.K.
Yorio Hidehira

For nearly 10 years, Ideal Aerosmith has valued SovTest’s drive to ensure our customers are given the best product and services in today’s motion table industry. SovTest’s attention to detail and customer focus continues to be some of their strongest attributes. Ideal Aerosmith is excited for the future of our two companies working together and can’t wait to see what is to come in the next 30 years.

- Ideal Aerosmith
Jason Eder
Business Development Manager

Vibration Research is honored to have the opportunity to work with Sovtest ATE for the last decade. While no one project or customer is alike, Sovtest has provided outstanding support and guidance for Vibration Research and its customers. They are certainly one a leader in the Russian Market.
Our Russian office is particularly grateful for the support Sovtest has provided to help us organize vibration testing seminars for our customers in the previous years. It is always a pleasure to do business with Sovtest, and we look forward to their continued success.

- Vibration Research
John Van Baren

We would like to congratulate Sovtest ATE with its 30th Anniversary!
Since April 2009,Sovtest ATE became official distributor of Marantz Electronics(MEK)AOI machines via the European Headquarters Mek Europe BV {formerly D&M Europe).
Our working relation started already long from before 2009 when the products were acquired via PBT in Germany. It is unknown when its roots were founded exactly but mustexceed 15 years in the past easily.
We have been working greattogether and Sovtest has established Mek products as a strong premium brand in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus,for which we are extremely thankful.Thanks to the power ofSovtest in Russia in combination with premium Japanese built quality this has led to the winning team.
The strong relation has its base in the highly skilled level ofthe Sovtest staff(sales & technical) and the proven stability ofthe company and its staff over the past years. Sovtest customers have clearly recognized this and that has led to a vast establishment of Mek AOI in the Russian territory. The strong co-operation between Sovtest and Mek people In Europe and Japan has powered these achievements.
With new technologies as 3D AOI,SRI and THT inspection we are looking forward to an intensified cooperation and trust that we can continues the success as we built over the past 15 years.
We wish Sovtest ATE strong years ahead with new powerful business and a continuation of the strong co-operation with Mek Europe!
Sincere congratulations and wishes on behalf of Mek Europe Team.

- Mek Europe
Henk Biemans
Managing Director

From the Nikon X-ray & CT Business Unit we want to send you our sincere congratulations for Sovtest’s 30th anniversary.
We would like to use this this opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation. We can look back on nice projects we finished together. Projects for the XTV product range for electronics inspection where you started with, up to the XTH products where Sovtest was the 1st to install our XTH 320 penta-source system in Europe.
Nice to see that you grow to an adult (30 years : ) company with a lot of competent people.
Congratulations and keep up the good work !

- Nikon
Steven Renders, Sergei Kolobov, Bieke Smeuninx

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